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 Infinitum Ecommerce is the 1st agency e-commerce and export of Spain, dedicated to luxury brands. Only we are dedicated to ecommerce and help to export luxury brands … There are thousands of agencies and companies engaged in e-commerce, but none understands the needs and problems, which have luxury brands. Also, do not know how to help them increase their sales and reputation. We, yes we do. Infinitum Ecommerce is an agency that offers a complete, creative and innovative service, to promote luxury brands. We help our customers drive their online sales through consulting, design, strategy, promotion, internationalization, innovation, .. etc. Being an integral agency does not mean that we are generalists, as Infinitum Ecomerce fortunately, has a team of experts in each specific area. Yes you have a luxury brand, we’d love to talk to you. 

 Founder and Project Manager.

founder infinitum ecomerce

María del Carmen

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